If I donate, what is my hard earned money going to?

PEAC envisions a well coordinated grassroots campaign.  We are founded by a group of relatively young supporters of honest and constitutional government.  Thus far, we have asked and received invaluable help, both monetarily and in donated time, from PEAC members and supporters.  However, in order to run a serious campaign, here is a small list of expenses that we are and will be incurring:
1) Advertising costs:  commercials, print media, online.
2) Grassroots materials for signs, canvassing, flyers, and other handouts.
3) To set up conventions, debates, and forums.
4) Phone banking and phone lists for fundraising, polling data, and voter awareness.
5) We have hired a professional accountant who oversees the books for over 200 political organizations.
6) To provide financial assistance and fundraising materials to Meetup groups and other local activists so they can plan bigger and better events of their own.
7) Sponsor events such as Freedom Fest in Las Vegas, or events hosted by liberty minded media outlets and organizations.
8) To pay for the professional development, hosting, and other website expenses

Rand Paul 2010