Civil Liberties & Social Policy

Peter Schiff supports states rights, opposes FISA, opposes the Patriot Act, and will defend the privacy of American citizens. Learn more...


Peter Schiff is a staunch supporter of free markets, balanced budgets, fiscal discipline, low taxes, and an economy based on production.
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Foreign Policy

Peter Schiff supports a powerful national defense that protects our borders, thwarts potential terrorist attacks, and prosecutes national security threats all within the context of a balanced budget and a strict adherence to civil liberties as delineated in the Constitution.
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Scope of Government

Schiff believes that government should protect life, liberty, and property. What we don't need is government to micromanage, stimulate, try to allocate economic resources, or to pick winners and losers. He believes the real prosperity and economic growth can only come from the people, not a government hand.

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