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Peter Schiff Revolution

  • Are Washington Insiders Worried about Schiff?

    In an article by insider journalist Stuart Rothenberg on Roll Call the other day, Rothenberg had some unfavorable comments for Peter Schiff's candidacy.

    But, as Political Lore points out, "When a potential candidate is attacked and/or publicly dismissed before they have even officially announced their candidacy for US Senate, it is a good sign that they have some insiders in the Washington establishment worried."

    From Stuart Rothenberg:

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  • Look for Schiff to provide real solutions

    Schiff is famous for predicting the real estate, credit, and stock market collapse.  He is also famous for criticizing Federal Reserve policies that have devalued the US Dollar and Federal Government policies (both Republican and Democrat) that have created huge deficits, piled on more debt, and rewarded reckless behavior on Wall St.  Most everyone knows what Peter is against, but many are asking, "What is Peter Schiff for?"  "What are his solutions?".  These questions present a tremendous opportunity for Schiff if he decides to run for US Senate.

    Generally speaking, based on prior interviews at this incipient stage, Schiff could be construed as:

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  • Schiff could challenge Republican Party to fulfill its vast potential

    If Peter Schiff decides to enter the 2010 Republican Primary, he could spark a revolution.  A growing number of Republicans is disgruntled.  More and more are leaving the party to become Independents.  Schiff could be the very catalyst which revives a party that was dominated in the 2006 & 2008 elections.  With his track record and straightforward approach, Schiff could be the one to restore credibility to a party that once stood for fiscal responsibility.  You see, eight years of a Republican administration and six years of a Republican-controlled Congress resulted in bigger deficits, more debt, a devalued Dollar, and a much larger Federal Government.  Instead of challenging this path, most Republicans outright voted for these policies or attempted to justify them in the name of pa

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  • Peter Schiff Video Blog 6/15/09

    Peter Schiff talks about the "strength of the dollar", a rational health insurance policy, non-market tax subsidies, companies that are "too big to fail", and monetizing government debt.

  • Dodd's wife on health care company boards

    Dodd's wife, Jackie, is playing a leading role in restructuring the nation's healthcare system.  She also happens to serve on the board of Javelin Pharmaceuticals, Cardiome Pharma Corp, Brookdale Senior Living, and Pear Tree Pharmaceuticals.  Some wonder if this doesn't represent a huge conflict of interest and a potentially significant lack of objectivity. It appears as if Chris Dodd is continually dogged by ethical controversy.  Not only that, Senator Dodd, as the Banking Committee Chairman, was caught completely off guard by the banking and housing collapse in 2008. 

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