Democratic blogger impressed with Schiff

Democratic blogger impressed with Schiff

Peter Schiff's predictive accuracy and common sense economics are growing more attractive to people across the political spectrum.  This Democratic blogger praises Schiff's economic understanding, reason, and novel ideas.  He even states that if Republicans were to adopt Schiff's message for the 2012 election, he'd consider voting Republican. This is the beauty of Schiff's message of fiscal responsibility.  It strikes a chord with fiscally conservative Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and Third Party members.  This could be a key to victory in both the 2010 and 2012 elections.

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Dagny Taggart...

Are you serious? Did you even read Atlas Shrugged? You have NO idea what Atlas Shrugged is about. It's one thing if you want to try to reform this ass-backwards country, but don't pretend you're an Objectivist at the same fucking time.


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