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  • Schiff's economic predictions grow more accurate

    Schiff accurately predicted the housing, credit, and stock market bubble.  The so-called economic consensus, including the Federal Reserve, cable TV pundits, investment analysts, and government economists, failed to heed the warning signs and were caught flat-footed when the bubble collapsed.  As the US insists on running massive budget deficits, piling on trillions of dollars of additional debt, and ramping up the printing press at the Fed, Schiff continues to sound the alarm bells.  And as the US enters the next stage of the current economic crisis, Schiff's predictions are passing test after test.

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  • Democratic blogger impressed with Schiff

    Peter Schiff's predictive accuracy and common sense economics are growing more attractive to people across the political spectrum.  This Democratic blogger praises Schiff's economic understanding, reason, and novel ideas.  He even states that if Republicans were to adopt Schiff's message for the 2012 election, he'd consider voting Republican. This is the beauty of Schiff's message of fiscal responsibility.  It strikes a chord with fiscally conservative Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and Third Party members.  This could be a key to victory in both the 2010 and 2012 elections.

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  • Some of Peter Schiff's best quotes

    Here's a concise collection of recent statements made on Cable TV, vlogs, and speeches.  In his distinctly straightforward and humorous style, Schiff blasts the out of control spending, excessive borrowing, and unlimited money printing that have led America into a severe recession.  Instead, Schiff advocates less spending, less borrowing, and less printing, while building an economy based on greater production, more savings, less debt, and government restraint.

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  • Politico covers Schiff

    Politico claims that Schiff could be a "bona fide candidate" if he decided to enter the race for US Senate in Connecticut.  Sciff's economic predictions and passionate grassroots support are cited as potential strong points.

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  • Schiff talks to Politics Magazine

    Peter Schiff outlines a potential agenda, shares his motivations, and discusses the necessity for genuine change in an interview with Politics Magazine.  This is one of the more comprehensive interviews to date.

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