Peter Schiff's prescient predictions

Peter Schiff's prescient predictions

Since 2002, Peter Schiff's predictive accuracy has been largely validated despite ridicule from the so-called "consensus".  The stock, credit, and housing bubble collapsed in 2008, the US Dollar has significantly devalued, and the Federal Government is running crippling budget deficits.  If he decides to run for US Senate in Connecticut, look for Schiff to propose balanced budgets, less debt, a stronger Dollar, and a return to production & savings.

A 3rd party with a complete slate

We elected a government to terrorize ourselves.

We keep electing an entire government that acts against our interests. To ask them for a new investigation into 9/11 is to ask for a second cover-up. That is dumb on our part.

We keep failing to use the 9/11 inside job to create a third party because we are afraid to attack this entire government for its unanimous decision to protect the only possible suspects who knew we would be attacked. Only the President has the power to order the preparation for the WTC controlled demolition to make the attack a far greater catastrophe than it would have been.

Here is the sworn testimony by National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice:

“For the essential crisis management task, we depended on the Counterterrorism Security Group chaired by Dick Clarke to be the interagency nerve center. The CSG consisted of senior counterterrorism experts from CIA, the FBI, the Department of Justice, the Defense Department (including the Joint Chiefs of Staff), the State Department, and the Secret Service.
The CSG had met regularly for many years, and its members had worked through numerous periods of heightened threat activity. As threat information increased, the CSG met more frequently, sometimes daily, to review and analyze the threat reporting and to coordinate actions in response. CSG members also had ready access to their Cabinet Secretaries and could raise any concerns they had at the highest levels.

The threat reporting that we received in the spring and summer of 2001 was not specific as to time, nor place, nor manner of attack. Almost all of the reports focused on al Qaeda activities outside the United States, especially in the Middle East and North Africa.
In fact, the information that was specific enough to be actionable referred to terrorist operations overseas. More often, it was frustratingly vague. Let me read you some of the actual chatter that we picked up that spring and summer: "Unbelievable news coming in weeks," "Big event ... there will be a very, very, very, very big uproar," "There will be attacks in the near future."

Troubling, yes. But they don't tell us when; they don't tell us where; they don't tell us who; and they don't tell us how.”

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