Growing Governmental Programs will NOT help our Economic Recovery!

Growing Governmental Programs will NOT help our Economic Recovery!

In his weekly Video Blog, Peter Schiff lambastes multiple governmental programs and commissions that work against a recovery from our current crisis.  He explains how programs, such as one encouraging the purchase  of a new car, will not help us because it will only add more debt in our system which was the cause of the crash in the first place!  Moreover, increasing taxation and subsidies for businesses will suffocate their chance of viability on an international scale as well as bankrupt our nation. 

You had me till...

For you to condemn union labor,(especially lower paid textile workers),and to suggest anyone in this country take wage cuts is anti-productive, unreasonable, and certainly not a popular stance on a campaign for change, and prosperity.

I would suggest staying strong to your anti-government involvement/regulation, anti-government taxation viewpoints, especially corporate tax rates that exceed 38%, which is the number one killer of American businesses, and has destroyed this country's manufacturing and textile trades.

I wish Peter Schiff the best, as I'm an avid supporter of Ron Paul, and would love as many friends of Ron in Congress as possible. Sen. Chris Dodd MUST be defeated.

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