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Peter Schiff at the Libertarian Convention

Peter Schiff speaks at the Libertarian Convention in Connecticut. In his speech he discusses the future of the Libertarian Party, the Republican Party, and the best way to influence party politics. Watch this video and try not to 1) learn, and 2) laugh. Good luck!

Can you imagine this man running a well coordinated and funded campaign? Get the crane. Attach wrecking ball. Align the establishment.

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Peter Schiff on Glenn Beck 5-28-2009

Peter Schiff discusses inflation on Fox News with Glenn Beck.

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Peter Schiff | "We're Adding More Supply to a Saturated Market"

Schiff gives a great synopsis on the housing market, the new credit card bill, the dollar Index and gold stocks.

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Schiff calls out Greenspan

While former Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan, continues to claim that the Federal Reserve played no role in the housing collapse, Schiff provides a point by point rebuttal of his outrageous claim.  He writes, "The bottom line is that Greenspan fathered the housing bubble and now he refuses to acknowledge kinship with his wayward child."

Read more here.

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Growing Governmental Programs will NOT help our Economic Recovery!

In his weekly Video Blog, Peter Schiff lambastes multiple governmental programs and commissions that work against a recovery from our current crisis.  He explains how programs, such as one encouraging the purchase  of a new car, will not help us because it will only add more debt in our system which was the cause of the crash in the first place!  Moreover, increasing taxation and subsidies for businesses will suffocate their chance of viability on an international scale as well as bankrupt our nation. 

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Schiff giving serious consideration to potential Senate bid

In yesterday's video blog, Schiff discusses the market rally, census workers, inflation, and a run for Senate.  He is now seriously considering a run for Senate and will provide a definitive answer in the coming weeks.

Check it out .  He discusses a potential Senate bid at the 7:45 mark.

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The Stifling of Innovation through Government Intervention

In his weekly Video Blog, Peter Schiff discusses the Chrysler Bailout.  This company, which has been in trouble for years, has declared bankruptcy and is undergoing a major restructuring.  Schiff uses this to explain how inefficient and deletrious the government bailouts are to the U.S. economy.  By propping up these companies, capital is not flowing to the most efficient place, which stifles innovation and job creation in the short, medium and longer term.

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Peter Schiff on the Dollar and Swine Flu
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Letter to the editor

In response to N. Gregory Mankiw's suggestion that the Federal Reserve should institute negative interest rates in order to stimulate the economy, Schiff wrote a concise rebuttal in the New York Times.  This quote summarizes things nicely:  "But with its ability to wipe out savings and stifle investment, inflation is the ultimate weapon of financial destruction."

Read the rest here.

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Schiff at End the Fed Rally in NYC 4/24/09

"What everybody forgets is...sure...everybody on wall street was drunk....but where did they get all the alcohol?"

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