Dodd deemed most vulnerable Senator for re-election

Dodd deemed most vulnerable Senator for re-election

At RealClearPolitics, Stuart Rothenberg outlines the case for Dodd's troubling vulnerability.  A year ago, Dodd would have been considered a sure bet, but with the financial collapse, shady mortgage deals, and the AIG bonus fiasco, Dodd is in serious trouble.  Two Republicans have already stepped up the plate to challenge him.

Wouldn't this be the ideal opportunity for a Washington outsider, successful businessman, economic whiz, and strict Constitutionalist to fill the void? Now, that would be real change.

Peter, you've got an army of well-organized and highly motivated grassroots supporters.  We raised over $20,000 in a single day even though you haven't committed to run yet.  Imagine how much we'd raise if you announced your candidacy.  Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of tea parties are set to sweep the nation on April 15 and beyond.  Liberty is brewing, but unless we begin electing individuals such as yourself to high office, we'll be stuck with the same old corruption and failed policies in Washington.

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