Peter Schiff at the Libertarian Convention

Peter Schiff at the Libertarian Convention

Peter Schiff speaks at the Libertarian Convention in Connecticut. In his speech he discusses the future of the Libertarian Party, the Republican Party, and the best way to influence party politics. Watch this video and try not to 1) learn, and 2) laugh. Good luck!

Can you imagine this man running a well coordinated and funded campaign? Get the crane. Attach wrecking ball. Align the establishment.

This is an extremely smart

This is an extremely smart guy talking honestly without a teleprompter.
Unfortunately he is not black or hispanic so
he will be smashed by the media.
He could care less about his reputation (he was the fool screaming that the sky was falling but didn't let the laughter sway his views) though
you will see the media spew obscene insults about everything
from his dog to his grandmother.
A perfect campaign commercial for him should be
the ones of him talking over the idiotic laughter - that says it all.
Go Schiff -- U.S Senate!

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