Schiff Hints at a Run for Senate on the Daily Show

Schiff Hints at a Run for Senate on the Daily Show

With your continued pressure, Peter Schiff might be ready to announce an historic campaign bid, despite his early resistance to the idea. Just last night, Peter appeared on the Daily Show and hinted at a potential run against the disastrous Chris Dodd. Your efforts have allowed us to run a highly effective public relations strategy and have made a potential Peter Schiff candidacy the talk of the politicosphere.

Schiff in DC assemblying Consulting Team for Run

...At first, Schiff was reluctant, noting just how hard it would be to take down a five-term senator, especially as a Republican in a blue state. Now he sounds all but convinced. He’s got a team of consultants in place—who are working on a “month-to-month” basis as he considers the choice—and he had to dash out of our interview so he could meet with NRSC chair Sen. John Cornyn....

As a former campaign worker

I ran an old fund-raising campaign in my home state of Kansas for ron Paul when he was going for the republican primaries, I still have a huge number of contacts who I'm sure would love to give generously if schiff will announce a definate campaign to take dodd's senate seat. I have read this new book and find it brilliant

By the way I love the term "dodd-bot" as used in your code-thing.

Peter dodd, if you're reading this I believe you can really show the world what real Americans are made of and I emphatically look forward to seeing you in a political career in the near future.

Please run! I don't live in

Please run! I don't live in Conneticut, but I would love to see you run for Senate and win!

Good for Schiff!

RIght now what the country needs are people with knowledge of the markets, people that will help America remain the greatest country on earth. People who are sensible and know what they are talking about. Dodd's time is over, we need new fresh blood in Washington to steer the country in the right way.


Run for senate, run for president. you have my die-hard support sir. I will move to connecticut just to vote for PETER SCHIFF.

Registered Democrat from California

I want you to run too! This country needs people like you.

Go for it, Schiff! The sooner

Go for it, Schiff! The sooner you announce, the better!

That version taken down

Viacom has a copyright claim.

Digg it, then watch it at the Daily Shows site.

Youtube Video getting nailed

This version.

The view count is off, views staying at 301. But as I watched it 21 people were also watching. This is going to get around and this site may get some big traffic.

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