Schiff's economic predictions grow more accurate

Schiff's economic predictions grow more accurate

Schiff accurately predicted the housing, credit, and stock market bubble.  The so-called economic consensus, including the Federal Reserve, cable TV pundits, investment analysts, and government economists, failed to heed the warning signs and were caught flat-footed when the bubble collapsed.  As the US insists on running massive budget deficits, piling on trillions of dollars of additional debt, and ramping up the printing press at the Fed, Schiff continues to sound the alarm bells.  And as the US enters the next stage of the current economic crisis, Schiff's predictions are passing test after test.

World markets are rebounding off their crash lows in a much more robust fashion than the United States, especially in nations such as Russia, Brazil, China, and India.  Commodities, such as oil, gold, and copper, are skyrocketing off their crash lows.  Interest rates are rising, while the US Dollar loses more of its value.  Gas prices and unemployment continue to rise.  These moves are consistent with Schiff's specific predictions.  Some counter that Schiff's outlook and investment thesis suffered a significant setback in late 2008/early 2009.  Commodities plunged, world markets suffered right along with the US (some worse), inflation came to a screeching halt, and the US Dollar actually gained value.  This is true.  However, these downturns have experienced quick reversals, and the emerging trends appear to be providing strong support, once again, to Schiff's economic model.  Time will tell if these trends hold.

It must also be noted that many have the wrong impression of Schiff's economic forecasts.  He does not wish for America to fail, nor does he delight in the severity of the recession.  On the contrary, he longs for America to prosper, to succeed, and to realize its vast potential.  But, as long as it runs nearly $2 trillion budget deficits, amasses over $11 trillion of debt, devalues the US Dollar, and creates artificial investment bubbles, he will not pretend that our nation is the bastion of free-market prosperity.  When America decides to balance its budget, pay down debt, re-establish a manufacturing base, and restore the value of the Dollar, he will become a zealous optimist.

But, until then, Schiff will speak the truth, hold the US Government and the Federal Reserve accountable, fight for the hard working taxpayer, and challenge the so-called consensus.  It is this type of vision, understanding, and courage the American people are looking for in a US Senator.

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