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  • Peter Schiff at the Libertarian Convention

    Peter Schiff speaks at the Libertarian Convention in Connecticut. In his speech he discusses the future of the Libertarian Party, the Republican Party, and the best way to influence party politics. Watch this video and try not to 1) learn, and 2) laugh. Good luck!

    Can you imagine this man running a well coordinated and funded campaign? Get the crane. Attach wrecking ball. Align the establishment.

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  • Hartford Courant covers Schiff

    The Hartford Courant is publicizing Schiff's big speech today at the Connecticut Libertarian Party convention.

    Details .

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  • Peter Schiff on Glenn Beck 5-28-2009

    Peter Schiff discusses inflation on Fox News with Glenn Beck.

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  • Schiff to speak at major Libertarian convention

    Peter Schiff will be one of the featured speakers at the 2009 Connecticut Libertarian Party convention.  The convention will take place in Bridgeport, CT on Saturday, May 30.  Schiff is slated to speak from 7:45-9:00 PM EST.  Other speakers include Karen Kwiatkowski, a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, and Katherine Albrecht, a privacy expert and daily syndicated radio host. 

    More information here.

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  • Schiff in the Hartford Courant

    The Hartford Courant covered Schiff's growing interest in a Senate campaign, the Draft Schiff website, and his upcoming appearances on Glenn Beck and the Daily Show.  Momentum continues to build.

    Read .

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