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The big mouth of Sen. Chris Dodd
Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., sent bank stocks into a tailspin Friday with an unguarded comment. The White House had to issue its own comment later to restore equilibrium to stock markets. Some speculators could have made or lost millions.

What Dodd said, to Bloomberg News, was that while he did not like the idea of nationalizing banks, he could see where it might become necessary for a short time. And investors, thinking, “What does he know that we haven’t heard yet?” sold their bank stocks.
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NBC | Peter Schiff, Man Behind Grassroots Race Against Dodd

NBC Connecticut is taking notice of Peter Schiff's real chance to mount a successful bid against Chris Dodd:

If you don’t know the name Peter Schiff, you will. A group of California libertarians want everyone to know who he is, and they want him to challenge Sen. Chris Dodd in 2010.

So who is Schiff?

A financial pundit who was born in New Haven, the New Haven Independent reports. He lambasted the federal bank bailout and stimulus efforts on national television and made early predictions of the Wall Street meltdown. He also published the book, “Crash Proof: How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse” in 2007.

Anthony Astolfi, a 24-year-old Republican from San Diego, is one of the people behind the movement to get Schiff to Washington.

"Peter Schiff was on YouTube constantly, predicting the housing bubble and economic meltdown," Astolfi told the Hartford Courant. "When we found out that he lived in Connecticut and we saw that Chris Dodd's seat was coming up in 2010, we knew it would be an epic battle..."


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Washington Post | Is Dodd in Trouble?

This article from the Washington Post exposes the uphill battle Chris Dodd faces in an election against himself. A perfect opportunity to get Schiff in the ring:

Connecticut Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd has sustained serious political damage due to allegations of favorable treatment in securing a home loan, according to a new Quinnipiac poll, and is emerging as a prime Republican target in the 2010 election cycle.

The poll, which was released on Tuesday, painted a dire picture for Dodd. Just one in ten (11 percent) said that Dodd definitely deserved reelection while one in three (32 percent) said he definitively did not. Forty one percent of voters approved of the job Dodd is doing while 48 percent did not.

It's clear from the poll results that Dodd's problems are directly tied to his acknowledgment that he received a home loan through Countrywide under a special program -- although he has insisted he received no preferential treatment and was unaware of his special status. (Last week Dodd allowed reporters to see all of the documents tied to the loans and said he would refinance his Countrywide loans through another bank.)

In the poll, roughly three quarters of the sample said they had heard "a lot" (42 percent) or "some" (31 percent) about Dodd's Countrywide problems and, far more troubling for the incumbent, just 24 percent said they were satisfied with his explanation of his involvement with Countrywide while 54 percent said they were not satisfied. Voters also were divided on whether Dodd was honest and trustworthy (41 percent) or not (42 percent).

Read the full article HERE

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Dodd | Prescription for Change Tour Upcoming Events

Dodd is on his "Prescription for Change Tour" preaching the virtues of centralized government. This time, he wants to force his vision for our education and technology. Let's join him! Tell Dodd thanks for caring, but we'd like to control our own money and future. Here's what he has to say and a schedule of upcoming events.

Recently, I voted for H.R. 1, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), which was passed by the House of Representatives and is now being considered by the Senate. I believe that the ARRA will help our economy because of many worthwhile and targeted investments, and family and business tax cuts that will protect and create new jobs.
At each Town Hall, a panel of experts will join me to discuss the recovery and reinvestment bill and what its impact might be on our state and communities. After an introduction from the panel, residents will join the discussion and ask questions. Each Town Hall will be tailored to a specific portion of the stimulus bill so that we may have an in-depth discussion about that particular issue.
Having the benefit of your input will help me to continue to represent your views in Washington, so please join me at one or more of the following Town Hall meetings:

Monday, February 16 at 6:00 PM: Education and Global Competitiveness
UConn, Dodd Center, Konover Auditorium, 405 Babbidge Road, Storrs

Focus: How will the economic recovery and reinvestment plan improve our education system and make our nation more competitive for the future in a global economy? Should our nation make a greater investment in science, technology, engineering and mathematics?

Wednesday, February 18 at 6:00 PM: Addressing our aging infrastructure and transportation needs
Groton City Municipal Building Auditorium, 295 Meridian St, Groton

Focus: Our state and national transportation infrastructure is aging and becoming less efficient. How will the economic recovery and reinvestment plan address this critical issue and what improvements should be made?

Thursday, February 19 at 6:00 PM: Health Care
Otis Library, Community Room, 261 Main Street, Norwich

Focus: Investing in health care technology and improved efficiency will create new jobs and improve delivery of health care services. How will the economic recovery and reinvestment plan invest in our health care system improve our economy?

Saturday, February 21 at 3:00 PM: Alternative Energy
Westbrook Public Library, Community Room, 61 Goodspeed Drive, Westbrook

Focus: Weaning our nation off of foreign sources of fossil fuels is good for our national security and for the environment. How is our region contributing to the realization of our nation's energy independence and what types of investments will the economic recovery and reinvestment plan provide?

Saturday, February 28 at 2:00 PM: Small Business
Asnuntuck Community College, Auditorium, 170 Elm Street, Enfield

Focus: Small businesses are our region's and nation's economic engine. How will the will the economic recovery and reinvestment plan protect and create new jobs and grow our economy through direct investments and more favorable and directed tax incentives?
Please consider joining me for one or more of my Town Hall meetings so I can hear directly from you on getting our economy back on track. Should you have any comments or questions about this or any other issue, please do not hesitate to contact me by email. Please to send me an email.

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Dodd's poll numbers slip amid mortgage controversy
By Susan Haigh | AP Political Writer
HARTFORD — Senate Banking Chairman Christopher J. Dodd is off to a rocky start in his attempt to smooth over his mortgage controversy with Connecticut voters.

In a Quinnipiac University poll taken days after Dodd released details of two mortgages being investigated by a Senate ethics panel, Connecticut voters are evenly split on whether they trust the five-term Democrat.

Fifty-four percent of those surveyed said they are not satisfied with Dodd's explanation of his mortgage situation and 57 percent said the controversy makes them less likely to vote for Dodd next year.

Forty-eight percent of respondents disapprove of Dodd's job performance, up 7 percent since December. The poll found 41 percent approve of how Dodd is doing his job, a drop of 6 percent. It's the first time in the poll's history that more voters disapprove of Dodd.
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