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National Republicans look to un-seat Chris Dodd in 2010
From the Washington Times:
National Republicans believe they have a chance at pulling an upset in Connecticut against Sen. Christopher J. Dodd (D), and the five-term incumbent didn't do much to scare away former congressman Rob Simmons, who is weighing the race, over the past few months. Dodd raised a respectable $279,000 between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31 but closed the period with just $671,000 on hand -- not much for an incumbent senator.

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Dodd says stimulus plan will put people back to work
News Times' Eugene Driscoll explains Chris Dodd's position on the recent stimulus package.

DANBURY -- Sen. Chris Dodd is confident Congress will be able to hammer out a deal over a multi-billion dollar stimulus bill Monday.

Dodd said he was in Washington D.C. until about 1 a.m. Saturday, where the stimulus bill was being debated.

"Overall, it's important we get something moving and that it is large enough that we can make a difference," said Dodd, adding people need to be put back to work. "About 60 percent are investments in job creation. About 40 percent are tax cuts, some of which are stimulative." ...
About 25 protesters greeted Dodd and U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy at an appearance at Western Connecticut State University. The protesters said the stimulus bill is nothing more than a massive list of pork barrel projects.
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You're Not Being Candid

In August of 2007, Chris Dodd gave an interview to Bill O'Reilly on Fox News. O'Reilly was asking Dodd - at that time, a candidate for President - about his decision to attend a netroots convention, especially considering certain "hateful images" which circulated on websites like DailyKos, one of which involved Senator Joseph Lieberman appearing to give fellatio to former President Bush. During the interview, Dodd absolutely refused to answer the question of why such a vile image was featured on the front page of the website for over a year, instead suggesting that O'Reilly was using the example of a vocal minority to attack a website devoted to genuine political debate from a particular perspective with which Mr. O'Reilly did not agree. The continual refrain from Mr. Dodd was, "you're not being candid."

Later, in September of 2007, Presidential Candidate Dodd posted   to Youtube titled "A Call for Clarity," in which he harangued his fellow Democrats for being wishy-washy appeasers of President Bush. "Half measures and equivocation will not stop this President. Leadership and clarity, I believe, will," Dodd intoned gravely. Later, after the Iowa Caucuses, Dodd made the   that his campaign was "about results." He also invoked the ghost of JFK, who asked Americans to be "part of something larger than themselves." "I still believe that that call is as true today as it was back in 1961. I always believe," Dodd droned. Way back in February of 2007, Dodd sponsored something called the "Restoring the Constitution Act of 2007." "I want to see us get back as a nation that supports the rule of law," Dodd said in another   calling for viewers to become "citizen cosponsors."

I hope all of those who read this website and whose hearts still carry some small shred of hope that the words of politicians might have some small, pitiful, strained connection which still binds them to pursue congruent action will join me in addressing the following response to Senator Dodd: 

With all due respect, Senator, at the point where it takes you over a month  to finally release the papers which implicate you  in the "Friends of Angelo" Countrywide Mortgage Scandal, and then at the point where you refuse to let reporters take copies of these papers with them, rather requiring them to briefly skim the 100 pages which may hold more data than could be put into 100 newspaper columns - Senator, at the point where you behave like this, you're not being candid. Senator, at the point where even those few disadvantaged reporters who had the privilege of thumbing through your papers could still spot achingly long records of sweetheart deals with mortgage companies - sweetheart deals which you claim you thought were only courtesies - you are engaging in "half-measures and equivocation" for the sake of saving your own skin, and throwing leadership and clarity in the same place you have thrown the interests of your constituents: under the bus.

Senator, at the point where you propose to prop up a failed system of Government sponsored mortgages which started with legislation which you supported in 70's, you are clearly no longer "about results," if you ever were. Senator, at the point where you have been the greatest recipient of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's money in the past 20 years, it is clear that you believe in nothing "larger than yourself" and that you have defiled the spirit of an American visionary for the sake of scoring political points which were out of the reach of your third-rate campaign. Senator, at the point where you support the theft of the American peoples' money in order to prop up businesses which you and your self-appointed coterie of rationalists deem to be either "too big to fail" or too friendly with their money when donating to your political campaigns, then the first step Americans must take to "Restore the Constitution" is to remove the fangs of you and every other socialist viper from the body of Lady Liberty. And Senator, at the point where you sponsor legislation to help your friends, flout the public spirit of your office for the sake of sweetheart deals and then still expect us to see you as an altruistic crusader, then it is clear that you have no place discussing the "rule of law" except in the capacity of confessing to being a party to its murder. You deserve to be expelled from your office on a rail, and cast onto the ash heap of history to languish among tyrants, corrupt men and dessiccated utopians, whose company is the only company you deserve.

In the name of God, of the Constitution, and of the Constitution State, Peter Schiff must replace Chris Dodd in 2010.

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The Hartford Currant | Dodd is Vulnerable

According to , the National Republican Senatorial Committee has been hammering Chris Dodd over his mortgage controversy and for his support of Hollywood's special tax treatment. Bottom line:

That's not surprising. I cover politics in Connecticut, where the GOP hasn't won a Senate seat since 1982...

Anyway, groups like the NRSC only spend time and money when they think a seat might be in play. Bluer-than-blue Connecticut, which has no Republicans in Congress, suddenly is on that list.

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Peter Schiff Vs. Chris Dodd

Potential Senate Candidate Peter Schiff Vs. Incumbent Chris Dodd on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac over the years. Who would you rather have in office?

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