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HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) - Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd says he'll refinance two mortgages that he received through a VIP program from Countrywide Financial Corp.

Dodd told reporters Monday that the mortgages for his homes in and Conn., will be refinanced with a different company.

Dodd has acknowledged receiving mortgages in 2003 through a VIP program at Countrywide, which was sold to Bank of America Corp. earlier this year and has been the focus of allegations that it gave favorable loan terms to lawmakers.

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Dodd Senate Seat Up For Grabs

Connecticut's senior senator, Chris Dodd (D), is seen as being politically vulnerable right now and it looks like the Republicans are lining up for the opportunity to give him a run.
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A Field Day at Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal had a field day with our candidate and his incumbent opponent today.   

Dodd, in his position as the Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, demanded on Tuesday that federal regulators dig into Bernard Madoff’s crime and “that the Treasury department figure(s) out some way to get the money back.”  In an opinion piece entitled Dodd of Indignation, the author points out the obvious irony, since Senator Dodd is refusing to release documents of his own that have been requested by federal regulators.  Included in the article is a list of “Dodd Bedfellows”:

Dodd Bedfellows

Also, in an by Scott Patterson, Joanna Slater and Craig Karmin, discussing the rough investment year for EuroPacific Capital. But with due respect, they point out that Schiff’s long term outlook on the US economy may have merit.  In the article, Schiff for Senate 2010  gets a shout:

His admirers even created Web sites supporting a possible run for the U.S. Senate in 2010. Mr. Schiff, who was economic adviser to independent presidential candidate Ron Paul in 2008, says he has no plans to run for the Senate but "anything's possible."   
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Join Chris Dodd's Tour | February 7th

Now, although Dodd may be supporting his latest effort with good intentions, he is ready to bring monumental change to our health industry with the same type of government intervention and subsidization that brought down the housing market. Let's join him on his tour and let him know that our health cannot be put in jeopardy!

From Chris Dodd's updates:

I wanted to take this opportunity to announce our next Connecticut Prescriptions for Change event, which will be:

WHERE: Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, Westside Campus Center Ballroom, Located on the 2nd Floor of the Campus Center

WHEN: 2:30 pm, Saturday, February 7, 2009

The focus of this event will be on creating a preventative health care system. As we work to make quality, affordable health care accessible to all in this country, one of our goals must be to keep people healthy instead of only treating them once they’ve become sick. I hope you can make it.

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Tom Scott Exposes Chris Dodd

Tom Scott exposes Senator Chris Dodd on air and accuses him of mortgage fraud at the cost of his job while Senator Dodd refuses to address the allegations.

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